Our Story

Hello there! We’re Jodi and Adrian, and we’re the husband-and-wife duo behind Plantables. You can think of us as the Sonny and Cher of seedlings, if you’d like!

We own and operate Roelands Plant Farms Inc. in Lambton Shores, Ontario, a 21-acre propagation greenhouse that supplies North American production greenhouse growers with high-quality plants, specializing in peppers, cucumbers, and grafted tomato plants.

Growing up on our family farms, we knew the numerous benefits of growing your own food and wanted our five children to experience it as well.

We often laugh when we remember our first home garden; it was… well, fun and an “experience,” to put it mildly. We spent hours sifting through the hundreds of seed options available, and don’t even get us started on the tedious seed starting stage; that just seemed like another child to care for, and we already had our hands full!

Then we had this “aha” moment, and you better beleaf it was a good one! Our thoughts: We already had an amazing, cutting-edge greenhouse and top-notch growers, so why not spread the gift of quality plants to our fellow home gardeners? In 2018, we founded Plantables to share our love for gardening and to be the first step in setting the home gardener up for a bountiful season.

In our earlier years, Plantables was a direct-to-consumer e-commerce business, and although we loved providing to our loyal customers, in 2024 we decided to pivot from that business model and focus solely on supplying retail in Southwestern Ontario.

We’re not just a plant grower and supplier; we’re a partner, one that provides support, motivation, and inspiration to our retail owners and their gardening customers. And if you enjoy a good plant pun from thyme to thyme, then you’re in the right place!