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The Tomato Kit

Here today, gone tomato…

Salsas, salads, pizzas, sauces and – if you’re incredibly adventurous – a dessert called Tomate du Saltambique. Is there anything the humble tomato can’t do?

You see, most of the tomatoes you find in the grocery store are bred to be round and red, just like you’d expect, but that consistency often comes at the cost of taste.

And damn, they’re tasty.

That’s why we’ve boxed up three varieties of hardy tomato plants and made sure they’re ready to put in the ground, straight from the box.

And as you wait for them to grow into their rebellious glory, you can ponder the important questions, like whether ketchup is technically a smoothie or whether Ella Fitzgerald or Louis Armstrong pronounced tomato right.

The Tomato Kit


The easiest way to grow your own organic tomatoes!

  • Perfect for beginners, green-thumbs and home cooks alike, our Tomato Kit contains 6 hardy tomato plants that are just right for growing the tastiest, freshest tomatoes around.
  • They taste incredible.
  • All plants 100% organic.
  • Ready to put in the ground, on your window sill or in your meals, straight from the box. (After a short acclimatization period.)
  • Arrive happy, healthy and ready to plant (or your money back).
  • Makes a great gift for foodies, gardeners and new home-owners!

The Tomato Kit