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Salanova® Salad Kit

It’s finally here!

If you’ve never heard of Salanova® lettuce, you’re in for a treat. Salanova® is the answer to head lettuce no one thought to look for. No one except the brains at Rijk Zwaan, a Dutch seed production company. Unlike head lettuce that can be time consuming to separate, wash and chop, Salanova® lettuces have their leaves connecting to a central stem in a rosette pattern that allow the leaves to fall free in a single cut.

If you’re like most of us, you’re tempted by the siren song of convenience that beckons from the bagged lettuce in the produce aisle. Having Salanova® in your garden offers the same convenience as pre-cut, bagged lettuce, but it doesn’t create unnecessary waste and tastes like it was freshly picked (because it was!).

The real question becomes, which one do you pick? That’s why we created the Salanova® Salad Kit, so you can try them all and decide for yourself which earns a permanent place in your garden. You know you want to do it, so go ahead and mix a bit of that Crispy Red with some of your Butterhead Green. This is your salad and there are no rules!

Salanova® Salad Kit


The easiest way to grow your own trendy greens (and save yourself a trip to the grocery store)!

  • Perfect for iron-packed salads, Asian cooking and ‘gram-worthy plates, our Market Garden Green contains 6 hardy leafy green plants.
  • Grown for continual bounty: just cut what you need and leave the rest to stay fresh! (They’ll even regrow their leaves, so you get to eat them all year long.)
  • All plants 100% organic.
  • They all taste incredible.
  • Ready to put in the ground, straight from the box. (After a short acclimatisation period.)
  • Arrive happy, healthy and ready to plant (or your money back).
  • Makes a great gift for foodies, gardeners and new home-owners!

Salanova® Salad Kit