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The Pepper Kit

Take the Spice Girls’ advice literally…

…and use this box of six, garden-ready pepper plants to spice up your life.

Whether you’re planning on making baba ghanoush or a salsa verde that’s un poco picante, this hot pepper kit is full of garden-ready hot peppers that are just right for adding a bit of kick to your dishes.

We’re huge fans of using them to make a fermented hot sauce with some sliced carrot, onion, brine and garlic. Oh, it’s good.

PSA: Unfortunately, these red hot chilli peppers won’t fill your vegetable patch with the sounds of LA funk-rock. We’re pretty good at growing hardy, healthy, organic plants, but teaching them how to play instruments is still out of our reach. (For now…)

The Pepper Kit


The easiest way to grow your own hot chilli peppers!

  • Perfect for beginners, green-thumbs and home cooks alike, our Hot Chilli Pepper Kit contains 6 hardy chilli pepper plants that are just right for growing mind-blowing spicy peppers.
  • They taste incredible.
  • All plants 100% organic.
  • Ready to put in the ground, straight from the box. (After a short acclimatisation period.)
  • Arrive happy, healthy and ready to plant (or your money back).
  • Makes a great gift for foodies, gardeners and new home-owners!

The Pepper Kit