The Herb Kit

There’s no easier way to take your dish from ‘oh, that’s nice’ to ‘wow, that’s good!’ than using freshly cut herbs. They’re super easy to grow and make the place smell incredible too, giving you no excuse not to embrace your inner Gordon Ramsay and start whipping up brag-worthy dishes.

6 garden-ready herb plants

A box so herby we were tempted to paint a number 53 on the front, this garden-ready pack is full of 6 easy-to-grow herbs that look, smell and taste great.

$25.00 (Free shipping)

What's in the box?

Basil (x1)
Oregano (x1)
Parsley (x1)
Sage (x1)
Cilantro (x1)
Thyme (x1)

Ready to start your journey to green-thumbed glory?

$25.00 (Free shipping)