Thank you all for an amazing final year online! Stay tuned for Spring 2024, where you can find us in stores!

Introducing the Plantables School Fundraising Program!

Have you heard about the Plantables School Fundraising Program?

Wow! What a first year it has been here at Plantables HQ!

From the first excitement of launch through the inevitable bumps and hitches of launching a new brand to now, it’s been quite the ride.

We’ve loved and nurtured thousands and thousands of plants, sending them all the way from the tippety tip of Canada to the deepest south of the United States. We’ve grown the green-thumbed classics, a few out-there veggies and — excitingly — ventured into the world of live herbal tea plants.

And now, after a crazy first year, we want to do something to start giving back to our local community.

That’s why we put together the Plantables School Fundraising Program. We want to help the schools in our local area bring in some much-needed extra money.


Side note: Because it’s the first year of running the scheme we’re limiting it to schools in the Ontario area, but keep your eyes peeled next year when we launch across North America! (If you’re in Ontario and want to suggest the program to your school, head to this page to register your interest and find out everything your PTA will want to know!)


However, because we know that raising money for your school can be a bit of a logistical nightmare (we’ve got five children, so we’ve done our fair share of fundraisers and knocking door-to-door!), we wanted to make doubly sure that our fundraising program is as simple and hands-off as possible.

Rather than lots of complicated forms and money collection, we’ve kept it to three easy steps.

Here’s how it works:



Step One:

Register your school for a Plantables coupon code.



Step Two:

Share the coupon code with everybody you know and tell them to enter it at the checkout when they order plants from



Step Three:

Everybody gets garden-ready fruits and veggie plants delivered to their door exactly when they want them, and your school gets 10% of every order.

It’s easy-to-set up, super-simple to run and, best of all, centred around you and your children getting to grow super-healthy products together (rather than stocking up on unhealthy, sugary treats)!

If you’re associated with a school in the Ontario area — whether you’re on the PTA or your kids go to school there — and are interested in finding out more about the school program (or perhaps even signing up) then head to the Plantables School Program Page for an extensive list of FAQs and everything else you need to know!