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Most fundraising programs are a real hassle.

Complicated processes. Money collection. Boxes and boxes of stuff you need to sell. And, worst of all, evenings spent knocking on every door in your neighbourhood.

Instead, we designed this program to be the kind of fundraiser we’ve always wished existed: simple, hassle-free and all about healthy choices and getting back to nature.

No boxes of stock to take care of. No collecting money. And certainly no knocking door-to-door.

In fact, with our program, you can raise money without even leaving your sofa. And, at the end of it, everybody has gardens full of tasty and organic fruit and veggie plants.

Now that’s our kind of fundraiser.

Extra Incentives for School Partners

New for 2020, we’re adding even BIGGER incentives for our school partners. For every $3,000 your school raises we will send you one of our “Whole Garden” kits as an extra bonus. On top of that, the Top 3 schools will win a raised garden bed installed by the Plantables team!

Here’s how it works:


Register your organization for a Plantables fundraising code.


Share your fundraising code with everybody you know and tell them to enter it at the checkout when they order plants from

(We’ll give you everything you need to promote your fundraiser too, including posters, images for social media and advice on the best times of year to ramp up your efforts.)


Everybody gets garden-ready fruits and veggie plants delivered to their door exactly when they want them, and your organization gets 10% of every order.

Who can use this fundraiser?

Well, everyone really.

We’ve already helped churches, schools and charities raise some much-needed funds for great causes, but because it’s so easy to run, it’s perfect for organizations and causes of all sizes, from nationwide fundraising efforts to local campaigns.

“Our parent council was looking for easy ways to bring in money for the school for class trips and excursions.

The fundraiser through Plantables was appealing to us because we didn’t have to handle money or the plants as they are shipped right to your door.

We knew the quality of the plants was excellent as some of the members on the parent council had ordered through Plantables before. All around, this fundraiser has been an excellent fit for our school and community.”

St. Marys Catholic School

If you want nitty-gritty details, register your interest and we’ll send you an in-depth document that answers all of your questions.

Is there a cap on how much we can raise?

We don’t cap the amount you can earn at all! The more your code is used, the more you earn.

(And there’s no minimum amount either, so there’s no pressure to sell lots of boxes of plants.)

Do I have to go pick up my plants or deliver them?

Not at all.

We’ll send every plant directly to the door of everybody who orders. All you have to do is share the coupon code (and perhaps send out a few reminders). We’ll take care of everything else.

Like we said, you really can do this from your sofa.

How long can we run the fundraiser for?

Here’s the beauty of our fundraising program: you can run it for as little as a month or as much as the whole year.

(You can even run it alongside other fundraisers. We won’t get jealous.)

And because it’s so easy to run, it’s a great way to keep topping up funds all year round.

Need a little bit of money for some equipment or a new cause? Just send an email out or post something on social media and raise the money you need.