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What does ‘growing zone’ mean? (And why is it important?)

Good question! A growing zone – or hardiness zone, as it’s sometimes known – is just a fancy way of explaining the best time (based on where you live) to plant your fruits and veggies.

Based on average winter temperature, your growing zone gives you a good idea of when your plants have the best chance of success. (Of course, it’s just a guide – that’s why we make sure that your plants are designed to thrive in all conditions.)

Why do I need to know this?

We ask you to find out your growing zone so that we can deliver your plants to you at just the right time for them to grow, thrive and produce crazy amounts of produce in your region.

(If you’re a greenhouse grower – or you live in a microclimate – don’t worry. You can bypass this section and choose the date you’d like your plants delivered, even if it’s outside of your growing season.)