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Are the Plantables plants hardier than the ones I can buy at the store?

Again, we don’t want to blow our own horn… (But yes.)

We’ve gone to every effort to make sure every plant you order is hardy, reliable and super easy-to-grow.

How are they hardier?

Well, on top of all the love and care we give your plants, there’s lots of behind-the-scenes science that goes on.

Firstly, we graft the varieties of plants that are most susceptible to soil borne diseases to make sure they’re as hardy as can be (and that they produce lots of fruits and veggies, too.) That means that we take the best parts of two plants and join them together to produce a hybrid plant that has the best characteristics of both. (For example, the hardy roots of one tomato plant with the high-yield tender shoot (or scion, if you speak the lingo) of another.)

After that, we also do really cool things (well, we think they’re cool at least) with bugs to keep your plants disease free. Instead of pesticides, we use good bugs to kill off the bad bugs and keep your plants healthy all season long.

If this kind of plant-nerdery floats your boat, then you’ll love the content on our blog.