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10 DIY Ideas for Awesome Herb Gardens

Did you recently buy herbs from Plantables but have no idea where to grow them? Most people have the assumption that you must grow plants outside in your garden. That may be true in some cases, but for Herbs, you can plant them almost anywhere! So here are ten easy, affordable and even green ways to get your green-thumbed garden growing!

1. Upcycled Lotion Bottle Planters

This idea is super simple and very green. Just grab your used shampoo bottle, cut it in half, clean it, and paint it with your favorite color! Why waste good items you plan to throw away!

Idea via Upcycled Lotion Bottle Planters

2. Hanging Garden Shelf

Now we’ll admit this idea isn’t nessarsially cheap or easy, but it sure is cool! Grab some 3/4 inch pine boards, rope, and zip ties and some 3″ to 4″ inch pots. We suggest giving these boards a nice finish stain one you’ve made all your cuts. Once you’re done, you can hang this in your kitchen, on your patio, balcony or wherever suits them best.

Idea via Hanging Garden Shelf

3. Mason Jar Garden

Now, this is how you make your herb garden on a low budget! We know you have some mason jars that are soon to be empty of your favorite pasta sauce. Give it a solid cleaning, get your organic soil, pebbles and get planting! These look great where ever you place them and are great resources for growth.

Idea via Mason Jar Garden

4. Upcycled Plastic Water Bottle Garden

If you don’t have the time to water your plants on a weekly basis, then this is an easy and cheap way to garden. All you need is a water bottle, organic soil, a sharpie, scissors, and you Plantables herb plant. These are great to hang on walls and putting them on your window pane

Idea via Upcycled Plastic Water Bottle Garden

5. Kitchen Tea Pots, and Mug Garden

When your Plantables box arrives, and you don’t have any pots. Then look in your kitchen cupboards for some old mugs, teacups, or jars to use for planters. Another great idea is to go to your local thrift store and search for some unique and antique mug’s, and pots.

Idea via Kitchen Tea Pots, and Mug Garden

6. Hanging Wall Herb Decor Garden

Just like idea three this one you can hang as decor from your wall. You’ll need, river pebbles or rocks, organic soil, a tin bowl, glue, and a  plastic sheet. The best part about this that you can decorate it however you’d like. We suggest painting the tin bowl to match your home decor and add rocks that compliment the tin color.

Idea via Hanging Wall Herb Decor Garden

7. Clothespin Barrel Planter

We love this easy and creative idea! This looks like a mini wooden barrel, and you can make many to sit around your home. You can pick up all these resources at your dollar store for just around $10 which should get you about 3-4 pots! It’s easy it’s cheap, and it looks fantastic!

Idea via Clothespin Barrel Planter

8. Spice and Vegetable Hanging Rack Kitchen Garden


Now this one is for all the decor designers, and vintage/modern homestead feigns. If you want to match the stellar style of your home decor, then this may be the best option for your kitchen garden. You can get most of these things at a HomeSense or garden center.

Idea via Spice and Vegetables Hanging Rack, Kitchen Garden

9. Metal Pots Kitchen Garden

If you want a very easy and cheap, yet really aesthetically pleasing garden. This is right up your alley. You can find most of these metal pots, clothes hangers, and even tags at your dollar store. Get creative with calligraphy and make some cute tags to place with your pots, or you can stick to the labels provided with your Plantables plants 😉

Idea via Metal Pots Kitchen Garden

10. Old Box Planter

Plan to move your Herbs from inside to outside? Well, you can with this rustic and easy to build a planter box. Find an old wooden crate, or box that may be laying around, or find one at Homsense, Walmart or even a thrift store. All you have to do is create some dividers for the perfect distance between the plants. If it already has dividers, then you’re good to go!

Idea via Old Box Planter

We hope these will help you build some awesome planters for this year’s harvest! For all your green-thumbed glory and more ways to garden stay subscribed to Plantables!